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What is HIFU therapy?

HIFU therapy is the newest method for lifting the skin and you can reach a beautiful, young and without wrinkles skin in one session. Having a good skin is not just upper surface of it but under the skin that contains collagen and elastin fibers as well as membrane plates is needed to change. These fibers change through the effect of environment factors including sunlight, stress, air pollution, tobacco, unhealthy nutrition, etc., and smash and rip therefore skin drooping, flabby skin and wrinkles are its appearance.

Several therapies have been used till now to remove wrinkle and flabby skin that facial lifting can be named as one of the most effective method. This method is slightly considered as a hard and big surgery and usually because of its difficulty that leaves some complications,  long period of convalescence and wide stitch area is underestimated and is currently only used in severe sagging cases.

Because of it, through passing CO2 laser which lasted a long time, some technologies such as laser and RF (radiofrequency) have been replacing for some years then reached to fractional laser and after that monopolar and Needle fractional RF that can be considered as a great development. The basis of these devices is destruction of old collagen structure and stimulation of new collagen synthesis through creating local heat in tissue.

But the problem of these methods is that device energy should pass the skin surface i.e. epidermal surface to reach to scaffold of subcutaneous collagen and elastin.

Secondly, collagen is demolished and reconstructed in a specific degree about 60 to 70 degrees; heating them in this degree causes the skin surface to be degraded therefore surface of patient skin becomes red and injured. This is one of the most important complications that make patients to stop using these methods because their appearance shows that something has done on their face.

New HIFU therapy Technology, (High intensity focused ultrasound) make the skin lifting, facial rejuvenation, remove the laugh and eyebrows lines, forehead wrinkles, double chin and flabby neck to be performed without surgery.

HIFU therapy function

Areas which can be usually cured by facial skin HIFU therapy includes:

  • Eyebrows and forehead
  • Chin
  • Neck (Turkey neck)
  • Abdomen
  • Skin cracks

Ultra and ultherapy is one of the most popular and most developed systems available. Non-invasive energy of ultrasound creates lower surfaces of heat in target area of skin. This stimulates cells to create collagen and to rejuvenate the tissue. Through only one treatment, HIFU therapy causes the mature skin to act   severely like a young skin. For this reason, skin rejuvenation with HIFU has been considered interesting by people. Through paying a cost for HIFU therapy, a few months after skin treatment, you will have a smoother, tighter and lighter skin.

After treatment, your eyes seem wider, your eyebrows will go up and gentle lines of face and the skin surface pores will be reduced. Also, your skin will be smoother and more flexible because of its elasticity properties. If you believe that you don’t need any surgery, or if you hate the surgery, you can lift your neck and face naturally using HIFU therapy.

  • Fading the angle of jaw
  • Sagging skin, especially around your mouth
  • Bag of eyelids
  • flabby wrinkles around the neck
  • Thin and wrinkled skin
  • Wrinkles and delicate lines
  • Dryness and partial redness
  • Unbalance color or skin texture
  • Large pores


How does HIPU therapy stimulate the body to produce collagen?

Collagen is a natural protein which keeps the skin young through making it firm and flexible. Through aging the skin losses its elasticity because of lack of collagen and cannot withstand against gravity that pulls it down. Therefore, through using HIFU therapy method, a quick regenerative process will begin to produce new collagen.

HIFU contradictions

  • Pregnant women
  • Having scars or active herpes at treatment site
  • Having a mental prosthesis or a heart stent
  • Patients with epilepsy
  • Diabetic patients



Who is HIFU therapy suitable for?

This method is suitable for people who have an observable flabby skin and feel that their skin firmness and rigidity has been reduced. Eyebrow or eyelid drooping are often the first sign of skin “aging”. Typically, thirty-year-old people or older who have a mild or moderate flabby skin are appropriate candidates for HIFU therapy.

This technique can eliminate the mild to moderate drooping of flabby or weak skin and in particular, it lifts eyebrow and forehead through deep restoration and rejuvenation of skin that can reduce the extra skin, appear the exact form of eyes and improve the skin overall appearance  and make it younger. In addition to full face lifting, HIFU therapy is used to lift the neck, chest, arms, elbows, abdomen, thighs and knees.

Men are very good candidates for HIFU therapy because this method doesn’t need to recovery and convalescence period and makes it possible for the people to return immediately to their daily activities. Because of it, HIFU therapy is a suitable method.


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