کلینیک زیبایی ماهرخ

What do we have for having healthy skin?

Healthy skin

To keep the skin healthy, try to leave bad habits that lead to acne, redness or scratches. Do not press your skin and keep away the hair gel from your face. They can block your skin pores. Do not use headbands or wool hats that cause skin’s allergy. Do not smoke, it makes your body old and causes the skin to appear yellow and dry. Try to get rid of stress that is one of the most important factors in destroying your skin beauty.

Natural masks

Often try to use different masks. Be careful to choose them according to your skin. Of course there are lots of prepared masks in market but it is better to use homemade and natural masks.

Food and sleep for a healthy skin

Keep your skin healthy through eating regular meals. Eat lots of vegetables, fruits, cereals and low fat dairy products. Use chicken, fish, low-fat meat, legumes and eggs. Be careful about eating food with cholesterol, fatty acids, saturated fat, salt and sugar. To avoid dark circles around eyes, wrinkles and other side effects of lack of rest, get enough sleep. Be calm! Stress can even damage your skin.


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