کلینیک زیبایی ماهرخ

Tips for choosing toiletries

Choose cosmetic products

If you do makeup choose products which have anti-acne or anti-blackhead acne marks. This is less probable that these types of products create acne or block the skin pores. Look for products that are made by water not fat. Be sure to pay attention to the goods expiration date. In general, eye cosmetics should be replaced very soon. For example mascara shouldn’t be used more than four months.


Health and makeup tips

Do not share your cosmetics and when you want to try the cosmetics in stores, use the new products. The germs left by others can get you sick. Do not use eyeliner inside your eye because it may cause allergies. If you have eye infection buy new products to not get the infection again. Never do your makeup in a bus or car. Shaking or distracting of car may cause to damage your eyes and the germs reach inside your eyes.

Do not sleep with makeup

If you are tired, it will be very seductive to sleep without cleaning your makeup. But a face with makeup can block the skin pores and create acne. So use a gentle cleanser or a herbal cleaning milk to clean your makeup. Use soft cloth or pad. If you use acne medicine now is the best time to use it when your face is clean and you are not going to do makeup.