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The worst and most harmful skin habits

Having a great skin doesn’t need using of a magical cream produced by rare plants but…..

 If there is one issue that makes me concern about my patient, it will be this fact that having a great skin doesn’t require a magical cream produced by a rare marine plants. But through some simple good habits we can reach such a skin. Let introduce these habits in another words. What are the worst and the most harmful habits that I’ve been dealing with over and over again?

۱- Using cleansers, in fact rough cleansers

Most of the people think that if a cleanser has a lot of foam, it will be a good sign. Their skin will be definitely clean. Unfortunately lots of foam definitely shows that the cleanser contains the rough cleaning substances. Such as Dodecyl Sulfate (that eliminates essential fat of skin) (and the shaped soap that I always keep myself away from them). Instead, look for cleansers that contain fatty acid and in fact enhance your skin such as Dove products or even simple cool cream. If you have dry skin, I recommend you the greasy cleansers that clean your makeup and skin dirt without destroying the natural protective layer of the skin.

۲- Do not use Retinoid:

Retinol, a form of vitamin A, is only a new combination that is proved to not only prevent lines and wrinkles but decrease the current lines and wrinkles. Using stronger Retinoid after 30-year-old is recommended.

۳- Spending a lot of time to care the skin:

Maybe you feel great when you buy expensive products with beautiful and luxurious wrapping from Boutiques but you should know that they are not essential for having a perfect skin; because these companies spend a lot of money for their unique researches and developing their products. If you have to choose these products, spend your money to buy retinoid.

  1. Washing the face at inappropriate time:

Always wash your face after using conditioner or hair products in the bath not before. Most of conditioner contains isopropyl that blocks the pores and the other hair products usually have coconut oil that are both known as combustible compounds that you don’t want to put them on. Too much washing of face causes the skin to lose its natural fat and make the skin PH ready for more damage. So use gentle cleansers and if you do not have access use lime juice with cotton at night before sleeping to clean your makeup.

  1. Using sunscreen irregularly

Use sunscreen everyday not only in the summer when you go to the seaside. Yes, if you’re going to be exposed to direct sunlight for a long time, you need to be more alert. We are usually exposed to ultraviolet rays of the sun comparing to the time when we are next to the sea. When we are getting in or out of the car, at time of leaving our workplace for buying a sandwich or sitting outside for a moment all come together.  Make sure to cover your skin at least with SPF 15 sunscreen every day.