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Tanning Dangers

You may be interested in tanning. But tanning means a damaged skin. If your skin tans under sunlight and outside environment, you damage your skin. Whether at this time or later being exposed to UV rays increases the risk of skin cancer. Also it may cause wrinkles, rough and blemishes. You can use a tanning cream that is really similar to tanning like sun exposure. Permanent use of bronzer products increases the risk of melanoma (the most deadly skin cancer) to 8 times.

Apparent tanning

For non-harmful tanning, use tanning products without sunlight. It can give your face color and is available in different kinds such as lotion, spray and mask. Or use a spray that a dermatologist sprays it on your face. Use bronzers for a quick way. You still need to protect your skin against sunlight after using tanning mask because it is just a powdery cream that creates a beautiful bronze appearance.