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Strange ice effect on fitness and skin rejuvenation!

Strange effect of ice on fitness and skin rejuvenation

Skin rejuvenation and fitness with ice is one of the methods that have been using from long time ago by queens and pretty women and left tremendous and incredible effect.

Skin rejuvenation and fitness by some pieces of ice! Maybe it is strange but it is interesting to know that Russian queen, Ekaterina, every morning massaged her face, neck and skin using a piece if ice and protected her beauty and youthfulness in this way.

Beauty and youthfulness by ice:

Minimizing the skin pores with ice is possible; also controlling the amount of lipid in skin and preventing early aging and preventing wrinkles will be reached  by using ice.

Ice massage on the face twice a weak causes natural glowing of the skin.

If recently some inconvenience wrinkles has appeared on your skin, wrapped a piece of ice in a soft fabric and put it on your face.

If you mix some cucumber extract and Rose water together and pour them in ice tray to freeze like an ice and use it as a solid mask on your face, your skin will become young and beautiful. This mask can help you to reduce your face wrinkles and make your face skin lighter.

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