کلینیک زیبایی ماهرخ

skin care

۱) Never put a night cream, moisturizers, or face masks on delicate skin around the eyes. Oily ingredients of these products pull the skin beneath the eyes and make it puffy. Do not use lifting cream or anti-brown spot products because they cause dryness, wrinkles and aging of this area’s skin.

۲) Use creams without rough tissue and always put it on gently around your eyes without any pressure.

۳)  Any extension around the eye destroys its delicate tissue. Use eye creams or cleansing milk which contain component to care the skin around the eye. The creams contain moisturizers or creams with almond oil are the products that can be mentioned.

۴) To clean the makeup of eyes, use a wet wool cloth, cleansing and moisturizing gel. Water and soap are not sufficient to clean around the eyes completely and cause excessive dryness.

۵) After cleansing the eye, put some eye cream in the area around your eye and then remove it after 10 minutes using a wet wool cloth.

۶) Regular care is essential for a soft, smooth or fresh skin. To recover fatigue eyes, eye pads can be used. To improve the eye twitching and eye shining, woolen eye pads or eye cloths soaked with cucumber extract, rose water and tomato extract can be used. Put them on your eyes and rest at least 10 minutes.

۷) Do not expose your eyes to sunlight for a long time. Use sunglasses out of house. Taking care about the quality of sunglasses is essential.