کلینیک زیبایی ماهرخ


In this method, a project called C.I.T (Collagen Induction Therapy) is performed that surprisingly causes an increase in collagen concentration in skin. Micro needle is a device for vertical skin needling which has an equivalent effect like laser and is comparable with chemical peeling. It is used either lonely or as a supplement for other therapeutical methods like Mesotherapy and PRP.  Nowadays, it is one of the most harmless collagen making method in the world. Micro needling is used for motivating the skin for natural collagen making. Entering needles to the skin causes the dissemination of growth factors such as fibroblasts and blood platelets and deformation of Alpha and Beta growth factors and consequently fibroblast invasion.  This process results in enhancement of collagen and elastin production by fibroblasts. Also, keratinocytes transfer to the damaged part of the epidermis and proliferate there, so they cause enhancement in epidermis thickness.

Increase in skin permeability

In traditional methods permeation of substance and medicines to skin is 3 percent, whereas using micro needling the materials permeate to the skin up to 90 percent and much better results will be seen in a shorter period. Treatment with this device helps the permeation and absorption of medicinal substances to the skin,( the medications can be skin lightener, anti- spot and vitamin rather than  rejuvenation and fortifying agents), fortifies the skin, rejuvenates and eliminates wrinkles, improves wound and acne spot, improves stretch mark and the general appearance of the skin and reduces the size of skin spores. It can be used for patients with different skin colors.

Treatment of spot and skin darkness

Micro needling has the ability to locally cure different kinds of spot, even pregnancy and hormonal spots. As mentioned earlier, anti-spot creams prescribed for medications don’t have high absorption, but entering the anti-spot medications with micro needle can have faster and more effective effects in reducing of skin spots. Micro needling causes brightening in skin color, improving hydration and rejuvenation. These medications are placed on the skin and forward and backward movement of the needles send the medicine to the proper skin deep.

Some instances of micro needling application

Rejuvenating and eliminating skin wrinkles

One the most causes of creating wrinkle and sagging in skin is reducing of collagen and elastin concentration. In this method, by creating very little spores that are not simply visible, the skin stem cells are stimulated, so the recovery process will be activated and when the skin start to recover these spores makes so much collagen. 3 to 5 treatment sessions are needed for skin rejuvenation that the time interval is about 4 to 6 weeks.

The most effective method for the spots of acne and rash

In this method, very little spores creating in the skin cause penetration of new vessels and collagen strands to the acne scar floor. Now, through stimulating stem cells of the skin, the recovery is made in the best way. This method along with herbal stem cells in treatment of uneven skin resulted from acne, chicken pox and leishmaniosis is so effective and has created valuable hopes.


Scars of severe ulcers and burns

Micro needling can minimize the spots of stitch, wound and surgery, as well as, the scars remained from burns, rash and acne. It can be a good alternative, especially in those who have dark skin or spot in the face that laser may possibly change their skin color or worsen their spots. In addition to improving the scars it can brighten the darkness and skin spot simultaneously.


Results of micro needling

Rejuvenation of the skin, thickening and increasing skin elasticity, creating new collagen

Reducing deep and surface wrinkles

Improving the stretch marks

Improving the rash and wound, burns and stitches scars

Improving the pigmented lesions, face spots and darkness

Improving substances, creams and vitamins permeation to skin after treatment with micro needle

Complications of the micro needling

This method is so safe and there isn’t any serious report of complication up to now. Incidence of these complications are rare and usually disappear after 72 hours.

Redness and swelling: during first days after treatment redness and swelling is possible. The cause is that entering needle to the skin cause the creation of very small channels which solves after improvement process. Small ulcers immediately will be closed and about 3 hours after treatment the standard cosmetics can be used.

Causing allergy: allergy can happens in patients who are allergic to metals substances.

Damaging to rashes: for patients with developed acne, rapturing of rashes is possible and the treatment should be performed with care or it should be delayed until the end of inflammatory phase.

Pigmentation: if high pressure be used during treatment and in case of exposing to sunlight after treatment, it will be possible that hyperpigmentation occurs, although the possibility is very low. Using sunscreen with SPF higher than 30 can prevents its incidence.

Hives or rash (Cutaneous Eruptions)

Inflammation or mild swelling

Itching or burning sensation

Herpes: If the patient has a history of herpes, micro needling may cause the lesion. The use of anti-herpes can be effective in preventing it.

Hematoma (bruises)

Micro needling should not be used in the following cases

Hemophilic pregnancy, skin infections, using anticoagulants medicines and Aspirin

Finally, micro needle method is quite safe and comfortable, which usually has a very short recovery, and has good results in brightening, rejuvenating, sagging, , treating the face spots, different kinds of scars such as burning, stitching, and spores. And it is practical in different kinds of skin, even very dark and spotting one (that is not suitable for laser).

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