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What is microdermabrasion?

In microdermabrasion or microderm method, whole the skin is exposed to an innocuous miner that is aluminum oxide powder; having powdery crystals, this powder causes the depleted skin and dead tissues to leave and activates the skin regeneration.  Aluminum oxide powder is spread on the face by a device and is reabsorbed again. This action doesn’t have any pain or discomfort. It has no special effects; only short-term reddish may be appeared on the face for one day and then will be resolved.

Previous preparation is not required for the patient and during the course there is no any pain or discomfort. After operation, it is not necessary to rest and patient can go to work.

As well as face, Microdermabrasion can be used to cure the neck, arms and back of the hands lesions and also for people who have a dark skin and cannot use the chemical peeling.

This method is painless and doesn’t need to local anesthetic or anesthesia and is done within 15 to 30 minutes.

What problems is microdermabrasion used for to improve them?

  1. Removing pimples marks: pores resulted from pimples and acne can be removed by microdermabrasion. The skin will be smooth and stretched during the needed sessions.
  2. The skin rejuvenation: this method can be used to treat topical and shallow wrinkles.

Deep wrinkles cannot be treated by this method but the overall consistency of the skin can be better after some session and skin will be brighter and more firm.

  1. Age or liver spots: the age spots are related to sunlight or can be observed in light skin in high ages. This spots can be cured by microdermabrasion.
  2. Pregnancy spots: Fading the pregnancy spots or Melasma is the most important effect of microdermabrasion specifically if anti-spot drugs are used at the same time (under supervision of a doctor).
  3. Scars spot for chickenpox: Scars are not very deep; they usually need some sessions of weakly treatment depending on the type of scar, its location and depth.
  4. Shrinking the skin pores: open pores are one of the major problems in women. Using microdermabrasion is one of the ways to cure the problem.

The pores will shrink after several treatment sessions because of tissue regenerating and skin tightening.

  1. Removing tattoo: Topical tattoos of skin can be removed using this method.
  2. Cleansing the skin and removing of Comedo: Microdermabrasion can also be used to remove comedos that are very common. Reducing comedos can minimize acne lesions in young ages.
  3. Treatment of skin fissures: This method can also be used to treat the skin fissures during pregnancy, obesity and puberty but it does not respond very well to treatment.
  4. The neck wrinkles: to cure the wrinkles and lesions in the neck, microderm can be used. Do not sit under sunshine after Microdermabrasion as its possible and use sufficient sunscreen if it’s necessary.

Method to perform Microdermabrasion

At the first, the skin in cleansed and all oil and makeup are removed from it.

Then, depending on type of skin and lesion which is determined by doctor, abrasion is performed in different directions and on different parts as long as needed.

Treatment steps:

Crystal microdermabrasion device consists of compressor that draws the air in through a handle device. Through locating the head of device on the skin, a vacuum condition is created. Crystals of aluminum oxide, also known as Crandom (the hardest mineral after diamonds), are sprayed on the skin surface to remove the dead cells of the surface of skin and improve the skin pores. Then dead cells and crystals are rapidly sucked into another tube fitted on the head of device and go into the waste bag.

Aestheticians control the depth of this removal and peeling through determining the amount of crystal process and the power of depth vacuum. The specialist usually moves the device twice on the skin; in cases that the skin is thick enough or in areas with brown spots, scars or sunburn which need more attention, the facial skin cleansing process may be repeated three times.

The method used to cure the sunburns depends on the type of injury:

  Dry skin: consulting and aesthetic center provides several treatment methods to cure the skin dryness.

Sunburns: Put cold compress on areas which have burning sensation because of sunburn or spray cold water on it, keep it cool and wet. If your burning sensation continues, you should visit the doctor. If the sunburns has caused blistering and severe burning sensation it is likely that doctor prescribe an anti-inflammation drug to treat it.

Acentic Keratosis: this method of curing the skin sunburn depends on many factors such as:

Size, numbers, and place of skin lesions resulted from Acentic Keratosis.

Microdermabrasion with crystal can be discomfort in some extent especially around the sensitive tissue of mouth and nose but it is not painful at all. Aestheticians will ask the patient for comfort during facial rejuvenation treatment process.

The Aesthetician should wear gloves, masks and protective glasses during the treatment of scars; the patient eyes should be protected too. Some sign of crystal may remain on skin which will probably turn into red later.

Microdermabrasion with diamond tip uses the same handle head and vacuum technology but in this technique, the crystal won’t come out of machine but the tip of diamond remove the dead cells itself and vacuum cleans the dead skin. There are different tips with various degrees of roughness and the dermatologist chooses the appropriate type according to the type of skin and the treatment goal.

Although patient feels lower discomfort in Microdermabrasion with diamond tip and this is more appropriate method for sensitive skins but the overall results of both crystal and diamond method are the same.

Microderm will last 15 to 20 minutes. It can be done every two weeks or every week or once a month (depending on the patient).

The number of microderm sessions varies from person to person and can range from about 8 to 10 sessions. After treatment, the face is cleaned and washed. Astringent cream (such as diphenhydramine or polypropylene) is applied on the peeling area.

Necessary care after microdermabrasion

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