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   Mesotherapy is a completely new and advanced therapy that its therapeutic function is increasing day by day. Because of faster response than other therapeutic methods such as oral medication and lower complication due to very low levels of drug usage and its utterly topical effects, this method has been widely welcoming by people and physicians every day.

   This technique was developed by Dr. Michael Pistor for the first time in 1952 in France. At that time, herbal medications and vitamins were used to enhance skin conditions using mesotherapy. Ten years later, the first mesothrapy association all over the world was established since then this technique has received many improvements and that is the modern mesotherapy used today. Since 1986, mesotherapy has been recognized as inseparable part of traditional medicine by France National Academy of Medicine. For the first time in 2000, this technique was brought to America by Science and medical journalists and after that in 2005, mesotherapy were gradually welcomed in other countries. Every day thousands doctors around the world are used msotherapy to help tens of thousands of patients. Our country was one of the countries where mesotherapy technique was introduced there in 2005 and quickly progressed and used in all branches.

What is mesotherapy؟

Mesotherapy is a non-surgical treatment in the field of Medical Aesthetic and in fact, the use of low dose of drug with repeated injection in desired area. The drugs used in mesotherapy include homeopathies, herbal extracts, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Very small drug pellets are directly injected into mesoderm (the middle layer of the skin). This layer of skin has very special treatment properties. Mesotherapy can be used to eliminate cellulitis, increase the weight loss speed, rejuvenate and treat the local obesity. Mesotherpy is a painless method without the need for anesthesia and doesn’t have any interfere with the daily activities of patients. It means that after mesotherapy you will not need to rest in the house and you can do all your normal activities like all other normal days.

A method for topical treatment of diseases

In fact, mesotherapy is a technique and method of using a drug that is developed for topical treatment and is not used to treat general and whole-body diseases. Regarding to the area of treatment and the special medicine that is used, effective results and negligible side effects of mesotherapy, several applications has been known for this technique and its applications are increasing day after day.

Now, most of mesotherapy applications are in the beauty branch while it can be used in all the branches such as orthopedy (the drug injection to the join) or in treatment of leishmaniasis (in the past an antibiotic was injected into the locus) but now it’s most used in treatment of hair loss, facial rejuvenation and topical obesity and infectious disease.

Returning the spilled hair

In treatment of hair loss by this technique, the medicine that the patient should take orally is injected locally and into the hair follicles. In hormonal hair loss and men’s hair loss, because the cause of disease remains forever and never disappears, mesotherapy is employed as a helpful method as well as other therapies. But in hair loss resulted from long term diet or surgery that disturbs the drug absorption (such as intestinal surgery that some part of intestinal is removed from absorption pathway, therefore after a while they suffer from lack of vitamin and it cannot be recovered by food), mesotherapy can help this group of patients so much to prevent the hair loss because the cause of it can be cured.

Cases of mesotherapy usage in beauty:

  • Tightening the facial skin (lifting) and treating the sagging face
  • Removing the puffiness of the eyes and droopy eyelid
  • Curing the dark circle around the eyes
  • Treatment of localized, body or facial obesity
  • Treatment of cellulite and sagging skin of body and face
  • Treatment of Melasma and Chloasma or facial spot
  • Treatment of hair loss and strengthen the hair
  • Treatment of Striae (stretch marks following by pregnancy)
  • Fixing the double chin

Mesotherapy and treatment of hair loss

Men’s hair loss which in fact is not just specific for men but the women also may suffer from it. Basis of the disease is the increasing of male hormone or high sensitivity of follicle to the male hormone or testosterone.

Testosterone converts into another hormone named D.H.T (dehydrotestosterone) by an enzyme called 5-alpharductase. This hormone is much stronger than the testosterone itself and creates a phenomenon called miniaturization; in fact after each term of growth or loss of hair, both diameter and height of follicle are reduced in a way that follicle is lost forever.

In this method, anti-hair loss medications such as minoxidil biotin, finasteride and vitamins directly go into the root of hair and affect it immediately. Meanwhile these drugs only influence the root of hair and will not have systematic side effects. In addition, mesotherapy is useful to treat the local obesity such as double chin, flanks, abdomen, thighs and arms. So soluble drugs of fat are injected into the depth of fat and have influences on it through using a device and very thin needle which doesn’t have any severe pain during several sessions and is repeated with ten to fourteen intervals.



Mesotherapy and facial and neck skin rejuvenation (mesolift): lifting the face skin without surgery

In this method, the drugs are injected in different areas of the skin. In fact, instead of being ingested the drug is injected directly into the skin. In the case of skin wrinkles, under the skin is essentially empty and broken. In this condition, skin creams and topical treatment are not able to reduce the depth of fat; they are only able to prevent new wrinkles. Faster and more aggressive treatment such as surgery is used to cure the developed wrinkles. In this case, mesotherapy injections can be useful.

Skin rejuvenation is the first stage for eliminating wrinkles and skin lesions. For treatment, the wrinkle should be partially filled so mesotherapy is used along with other methods such as microdermabrasion (gentle mechanical exfoliation) and Botox. Combined treatment will have more desirable result to remove wrinkles and skin damage. For example, for a person, who has an uneven skin full of pores because of acne, at the first, the microdermabrasion is used and then after exfoliation, mesothrapy is performed through injecting of drug in mesoderm (middle layer of skin). mesotherapy causes interactions such as reproduction in skin and in this way new cells are produced and old cells are removed as a dead layer using the  microdermabrasion method.

To cure the wrinkles on forehead and around the eyes (the areas where muscle movement is not essential) Botox can be used to prevent progress of wrinkles then mesotherapy can help the skin lifting and the wrinkles treatment.

Some medicines which enter the skin through mesotherapy injection include: different kinds of amino acids, vitamins (such as vitamin C to cleanse the skin), anti-aging antioxidants and hyaluronic acid.

Mesotherapy: treatment of dark circle around eyes

Specialists say that darkness around the eyes is not the reason of a disease but in most cases a heredity and genetic factor plays roles in its development.  In this regard Dr. Alavi, a genetic specialist said that darkness around the eyes usually is not related to a specific physical disease but anatomic factors with heretic and genetic source causes darkness of eye circle. Mentioning that in people with dark eye circle, the skin surrounded eyes seems to be darker added that this is because of it that the skin of eyelids is thin and contains a small amount of adipose tissue; the blood that passes from large veins close to this area causes the skin of this part to appear bluish.


Mesotherapy and local obesity (mesolipo): abdomen, flanks, thigh, buttocks, arms

Depth of treatment (injection) is one of the most important issues in treatment of topical lipids using mesotherapy. The drugs which are used in mesotherapy to treat the topical obesity not only increase the blood circulation in the area but also cause metabolism and in other word cause softening of the fats and their excretion. The important things in this method is lack of hormonal medications and also preventing the skin loosening and drooping , because mesotherapy strengthens and tightens the skin as well as removing the skin lipid.

This method also can remove the cellulitis (that is the bumpy skin of thighs in most of women). A specific care is needed after mesotherapy and in desired area makeup substances should not be used for four hours and patient can immediately continue his daily activities.

To complete mesotherapy treatment it is needed to repeat it for a few weeks according to the doctor’s diagnosis to reach to desired result; if patient wishes the treatment can be repeated once every 3 or 4 months in one session.

A few suggestions

  • Topical exercises even a massage should be used after mesotherapy.
  • follow the protein diet
  • Avoid wearing tight pants because accumulation of medicine in one part and lake of its spreading in the body cause pain in injected area
  • Drink at least 6 glasses of water every day. This can help elimination of materials produce from burning the lipids.
  • Avoid taking stimulants such as caffeine before treatment sessions.

Mesotherapy is a completely new and advanced therapy that its therapeutic function is increasing day by day. Because of faster response than other therapeutic methods such as oral medication and lower complication due to very low levels of drug usage and its utterly topical effects, this method has been widely welcoming by people and physicians day after day.

The results depend on the body condition and the therapeutic position. Averagely, patients will clearly feel the changes after 3 sessions. In some conditions, patients observe the results after one session of treatment

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