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Laser Hair Removal

Unwanted hair laser

Unwanted hair laser cause to have a beautiful and smooth skin than before; also, you can be free from temporary methods such as using razor and blades, waxes and waxing. Mahrokh clinic can accompany you through providing specific services for unwanted hair, a sanitized environment as well as experienced experts and physicians.

Benefits of unwanted hair laser

You can remove unwanted hair of different parts of body forever, if you are constantly using unwanted hair removal method, we recommend you to use laser therapy to remove them permanently. Through irradiating laser on the surface of skin and influencing on the beneath of skin reach to hair follicles and stop their growing forever.

Through reaching to the hair follicles, laser stops hair growth under the skin and prevents its appearing on the surface of skin; laser doesn’t damage the skin surface or doesn’t burn it at all and also it doesn’t cause any harm and injury for body.

لیزر موهای زاعد

It is worth to mention that laser affects the skin and the hair follicle; hair molecules react when expose to lased light and in fact prevent their growth. Target molecule in laser therapy is the pigment existed inside the hair shaft that is called melanin. The energy emitted from laser sources is absorbed by this pigment and provides a lot of heat to hair cells that destroys them and prevents their regrowth. This is safe and useful method and can eliminate your hair forever after some short sessions

Parts of body that laser can be used there

You can laser lots of parts of your body. These areas include very sensitive areas such as groin and genital area.

, are the areas that their unwanted hair can be removed using laser therapy.

Effect of laser on the hair

If you choose laser therapy, in fact other factors instead of laser device power influence on final result:

, have direct effect on the result of laser.

Laser hair removal preparations

Tips before laser

About six months before laser therapy:

Do not pluck your hair during this period; you don’t need to wax or threading in the area; use blade or razor to remove the hair from these areas; let the hair to remain in the root; it is recommended that patient one or two months before laser therapy avoid hair plucking by wax or electrolysis. Shaving or using hair removal cream is not prohibited. But you should be careful not to get sunbathing during this time and avoid getting into direct sunshine. Those patients who have dark hair should use lightening cream and lighten the area’s skin before laser

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