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All about acne

  Why acne appear when you are a teenager? Puberty cause increasing hormone production that resulted in producing higher amount of Sebum- a kind of lipid that come out from skin pores- by your body. Excessive Sebum and dead cells can block the skin pores and cause gathering of bacteria. Bacteria develop in this environment and acne appears. Acne can have different types such as whitehead, blackhead and pimple.

How can we treat acne?

Do not press acne. Pressing may cause infection and permanent lesion. Instead go to a shop where you can find anti-acne products. They are available as lotion, cream, gel or pad. Be patient; it may last 8 weeks to affect. Follow the steps accurately. Overuse or excessive use may cause skin allergy and create more spots.

Fading the spots

To fade spots, you can hide them using free-oil cosmetics. Foundation can cover large areas full of acne. Concealer covers smaller areas. Concealer with green tone can reduce the redness. You can fade or cure acne at the same time using creams and concealer contain salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide. Stop using any product that damage your skin or create more acne.

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