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gel injection

Aging creates some changes on the face. The skin collagen decreases and the skin becomes loosen and fallen. On the other side, the skin thickness reduces because of subcutaneous tissue loss. Through increasing the age lipid masses of cheeks move downward and as a result, the face appears to be more sagging.  Due to muscle contraction some wrinkles are created that can be observed initially at the time of muscle contractions (frown lines) and then the lines remain in the rest mood.

To remove the face wrinkles or to fill some certain parts of skin, filler can be used. Hyaluronic acid is the most common gel that is used currently. This substance is a part of skin natural structure and is ready and sterile syringes. It is just needed to refer to a dermatologist who is interested in injection of filler.

What is the application of gel injection


The face condition can be changed using gel:

Laugh lines (Nasolabial) can be filled.

Marionette Lines can be removed

The frown lines left after Botox injection can be faded

The high cheekbones can be gotten.

Marionette Lines can be clearer and lips volume can be filled.

Scars can be removed.

The chin wrinkles can be removed and make the chin higher.

The treatment area and type of production (temporary, semi-permanent and permanent) determine the level of filler injections.

Primary fillers include juvederm and restylane which are hyaluronic acid.

These fillers are formable simply after injection and can be rapidly degraded by

hyaluronidase, if necessary.

The US Food and Drug Administration have approved the use of hyaluronic acid and calcium-hydroxyapatite gels for injection in the middle or deep droplets to correct deep wrinkles, such as laugh lines.

Radiesse is a gel containing calcium hydroxyapatite, approved by the US Food and Drug Administration.

Patient selection should be performed carefully and it should be explained for patient that gels are appropriate compounds to shape different parts of face and the same results of surgery shouldn’t be expected. Patients with very loose skin and severe wrinkles need surgery for noticeable improvement, on the other hand, beauty activities shouldn’t be performed for patients with unreal expectations or those with unshaped body disorder.

Hyaluronic acid is a natural glycosaminoglycan in the underlying extracellular substances and acts as a nutritionist to the cell. This hydrophile combination fills the skin. The current Hyaluronic acids are different in terms of concentration, formulation and durability.


Anesthetization of the area:

Using Lidocaine injection, topical anesthetics and ice


Bruising and rarely hematoma, inflammation of gel injection area, asymmetrically, gel persistence more than the time was expected, gel migration (in case of permanent gel)

Long term inflammation, darkness or paleness of injected area, infection, granuloma, allergic reaction

Although using gel may followed by some above complications that are various from a brief bruising and redness to serious complications such as tissue necrosis, however dangerous complications are rare but they can be controllable and treated if occurred by a high experienced dermatologist.

Prohibition cases of using gel:

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

Infection in the injection site
Coagulation disorders
Ekutan intake six months before it

Some cases of skin atrophy such as atrophy resulted from steroids


Dermatosis (vitiligo, psoriasis and Eczema)

Having the history of previous anaphylactic reactions or allergies to the ingredients in the gel

Unrealistic expectations of patient

And those with unshaped body disorders


Immediately after injection you can see the result! Of course because of tissue inflammation that occurs after injection, the treated area may appear to be larger.


What are the needed activities after gel injection?

For caring after gel injection, it’s better to know that inflammation of gel injected area recovers after one or two days. You can use cold compress immediately after injection for two hours. If you have pain it is better to get gelofen. It is recommended for 2 or 3 days after injection to get antibiotic 4 times per day such as cephalexin 500 mg.

Avoid manipulating the injected gel because stimulation of gel injection site may be lead to earlier absorption of gel. Of course in the first few days if some part of injection site is more inflamed than the other part, massaging and spreading it can help to smooth the gel. In standard and licensed gel this has a very low probability to happen. So using confirmed gel is highly recommended. After gel injection, it is safe to take a shower but avoid to be exposed to high heat or sauna with high degree for 3 days.

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