کلینیک زیبایی ماهرخ


In the name of God

God is beautiful and loves beauty. Therefore beautiful thoughts are worthy and necessary for each human to have inner beauty together with beauty of appearance to influence greatly on all humans and the entire world.

     Therefore new medical science in all aspects such as surgery and beauty make the humans’ journey easier towards their target. Our country, Iran, has also taken some effective steps to keep up with this modern science. Several clinics and centers are providing services throughout of Iran including Tehran, licensed by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education. Among these centers, Rosha beauty clinic has a specific status with a brilliant background.

Having a beautiful and enjoyable environment for dear guests, Rosha clinic is pioneer to provide all beauty services such as HIFU therapy, unwanted hair laser, gel injection, Botox injection, lipid injection, Mesotherapy (head, face and losing weight), PRP, subcision etc., using well-equipped devices of the world under supervision of dermatologists and employing well-trained personnel. They will keep going together along with the patients to achieve their desire result.

Stay with us, experience beauty and youth and follow all new scientific articles from our site.