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Facial lifting

Sagging and changing of skin are the reasons that make the people to look for lifting surgery. Sagging skin and skin changes created by factors such as:

Elasticity is high in childhood; this is because of wide range of fat that lies beneath the skin and this is more obvious for obese children. Aging gradually develops shrinkage in the skin followed by wrinkles that reduce elasticity of the skin and decline the skin underneath fat. This process loosens tissues around eyes and lower jaw and person’s face looks angry and tired.

Sunlight causes a severe and chronic inflammation in the skin, which ultimately leads to destroying factors which keep the skin young and juicy.  

Facial lifting surgery

Face lifting makes the person face 5 to 10 years younger. Face lifting is usually performed in 40-60 year-old people. But this surgery is performable in each age; generally, in face lifting surgery extra fat will be removed, the underlying muscles will be tightened and face and neck skin will be lifted, too; all of these activities decrease the signs of aging to a great extent.  

Who is recommended to do face lift surgery?

People who have loose and flabby skin and those who have lots of wrinkles on their skin are good candidates for face lift surgery. People can be investigated by following points:

Having a deep wrinkle from the nose to the mouth, having extra fat in the neck, having flabby skin, wrinkles and vertical lines in the neck, deep wrinkles on chins and obvious flabby skin on cheekbone is one of the most important points that should be considered in face lifting. The people expectation of surgery is face lifting. Some people who think that face lift surgery can remove their droopy eyelids or eyebrows. This surgery will not resolve such problems and these kinds of aesthetic surgeries should be performed separately. So at the first, please get enough information about face lifting surgery and its results and then lift your face.

Face lifting surgery process:

Face lifting surgery is performed through local or general anesthesia as well as injection of sedative intravenous drugs. This surgery is done in hospitals and small clinics.

Incisions are placed inside the hair line and make the wrinkles and extra parts loosen from growing points and eventually pull them back from the ear. Incisions are usually created in the ear. In front of the ear, the incision goes down and round the auricle and goes forward near to hair line behind the ear. A small incision may create underneath the chin which cannot be seen clearly. This incision can be easily hidden by makeup or the hair until their healing.

Face lifting surgery stages:

This surgery performs in different stages and if all the stages are done correctly, the result of lifting will be successful. Following some important tips before surgery is one of the tasks that you have to do and also some post-surgery cares that can increase the speed of healing. Post-surgery cares are the most important stages of each surgery. The first stage of face lifting is anesthesia. In this stage anesthesiologist prepares you for lifting using sedation drugs and then surgery will start after you fall asleep.

How are face lift incisions?

Incisions that are created in face lifting depend on type of your surgery. If mini face lift surgery is performed, incisions will be small with short length. But in classical face lift surgery for sagging faces with higher damages, the incisions are larger. Because the larger incisions make surgeon to be dominated on the face and will have higher access and can create higher changes. Incisions usually start from beside the ear and continue to behind it.

Face lifting with yarn

Face lifting with yarn is one of the newest and effective methods for rejuvenation and beauty. This rejuvenation with American and European yarns known as PDO yarns is considered as a modern and important revolution in lifting surgery. Using absorbable yarns in face lifting surgery in the shortest possible time cause lift and rejuvenation and create good and persistent changes. This method in the latest and the best method for face and body lifting in which patient will observe a lot of changes in a little while and have a short term recovery after surgery.

Uses cases of barbed thread

One of the advantages of skin rejuvenation with barbed threat is that there is no any need to incision on the skin and it can be performed by local anesthesia. Patient can return to normal activities after surgery. The results are immediately visible and it can show you 10 years younger. Faces’ lifting with barbed threat is not recommended for people with deep wrinkles or sever sagging skin.


HIFU therapy:

High-intensity HIFU therapy ultrasound is a modern technique that is used for face lifting and tightening. HIFU penetrates the deep layers of skin and causes the head-coagulation in SMAS (superficial muscular aponeurotic system) and gradually make the skin to become tightened and rejuvenated. Patient can continue the normal activities. Some patients experience red skin that is temporary and resolvable. HIFU therapy results for face skin lifting or skin lifting are consistently improved over the 9 months. HIFU therapy will be persistent about one year. 


Doblo-therapy is the most modern non-invasive lifting technology in the world, which is performed only in one session with the approval of the Iranian health world and is the approved technique by US FDA.  

What factors cause the sagging skin?

Collagen and elastin are the main factors to keep the consistency and elasticity of skin. Aging, smoking, caffeine, exposure to sunlight and stress are the main factors that reduce production of collagen and elastin in skin and SMAS layer. These factors as well as the effect of gravity cause flabby and sagging skin.

SMAS: Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System is a thin layer of connective tissue that is located exactly under the skin and on the muscles. SMAS is the target layer in lifting surgery and is the layer where surgeons reduce its area during lifting surgery through creating surgery incision. In addition to surgery, Doublo-therapy is the only technique that can reduce the area of this layer and increase its consistency.

What mechanisms are used by Doublo-therapy in lifting?


Doublo-therapy functions

Effects of HIFU therapy: Patient usually feels the skin is stretched out at the time of HIFU ant the results will be clear two months later; recovery trend continues during next six months and the individual experiences more effects of tightening and lifting of face and neck.