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body massage


Massage is considered as relaxation exercises in all the world countries that are improving it. It has been regularly becoming as an element in humans’ health cycle. There are thousands types of massage which are matched to people’s different tastes and needs. Here we bring some handful numbers of different massage that all of you, whether a strong man, or a person who is growing up and people at the age of puberty can benefit from them.

When you are exhausted and dull after a hard working day without mobility or with heavy physical activity, there is nothing else more exhilarating and more soothing than a professional massage which can also stimulate your feelings which its root return to ancient Rom and Egypt era. During massage, the massager uses his/her own body curvatures to induce different feelings. Breasts, thighs, abdomen, legs, shins and arms massages can be used in different speed and pressure to stimulate all areas of massage receiver’s body.

Massage history…

Some people believe that body-to-body massage is a spiritual experience oriented from Buddhist and Hindu teachings and Hindus used it in ancient India for the first time. They know this massage a sort of meditation that can control sexual and creativity energy and direct human towards intellectual and felicity. Also, Hindus believe that when massage receiver tries to have the maximum focus on its body and enjoy from the present, body-to-body massage brings movement and life energy in energy centers and chakras. Therefore body feelings resulted from body-to-body massage cause a spiritual and sacred experience for the mind, body and soul of individual. Most of full body massage elements are rooted in religious teachings and the massager must perform it accurately with high attention to induce inner calmness in individual and open the doors of high sexual pleasure.

Massage benefits….

Different kinds of massage:

Soft Massage or California Massage:

At the first, whole body become oily then slowly slam on it reputedly. There is a very small amount of pressure in this massage.

Benefits: whole the body is relaxed and your mind will be in a good condition. As you can observe this massage causes softness to whole parts of your body.

Reason of need: if you live in a place full of pressure, California massage is the best way to relax and achieve relaxation. This massage makes you forget your concerns for a short time.

Esalen Massage:

This massage extends the muscles and adjusts blood circulation through long and gentle rubbing. This elevates your body consciousness and increases your thinking power amazingly.

Benefits: In addition to having muscles and nervous system relaxation for you, this massage forces the lymph nodes and blood vessels to excrete more toxins and also increase elasticity ability of tissues.

Reason of need: if you live in world of speed and if you can’t take care of your body as much as it should be, this is the only way that can guarantee your youth and your happiness.

Sense of therapy:

The points on your hands and feet that react to an external stimulus reach to all parts of the body thereby it reduce the pressure on these parts. This massage improves blood circulation, and the function of mind and body.

Benefits: Promotion of consciousness mental and physical consciousness is one of the advantages of this exercise. Motivation, confidence

Reason of need: a slight change in your hands and feet can revolutionize all parts of your body.

Thai massage:

This kind of massage is called as “Yoga for lazy people” in which all parts of body are extended and the muscles are also opened or closed. This massage should be started form the bottom of your foot and directed to the top gradually.

Benefits: The specialists of this type of massage believe that if we do the exercises of this massage our body will not be dry anymore and “Body energy level” will be placed in normal mood.

Reason of need: This increases body flexibility and guarantees the health of its parts totally. It is more recommended to those who spend most of their time behind the desk.

Vatoso Massage:

In this massage, the individual lie down in hot water then some particular part of his/her body is massaged. Because of slightly lower gravity inside the water, massager has more freedom in activities.

Benefits: when you are floated on the water, focus more on your breathing so you will breathe deeply and will reach higher relaxation.

Reason of need: Vatso is the best way if you want to reach a high level of relaxation when you are floated on the water.

Bone massage:

According to therapy by rubbing the muscles and bones, this massage can escape you from pressure and mental and muscular stress. It balances body and keeps stress and pain away from the body.

Benefits: it raises your inner consciousness and causes to solve your problems and inconvenience which is called as self-treatment.

Reason of need: This massage has higher influence than other mentioned one and its effect will remain longer in body.  Also it will be accompanied by mental health.

Sport massages

This massage is more practical for athletes and is a combination of Swedish massage and Shiatsu which focuses on some particular muscles that the athletes use most.

Benefits: it makes athletes to do their job the best way, it will remove weakness and laziness recover sport injuries, prevent swelling in different parts of body and finally help the injured organ to improve.

Reason of need: If you play sports professionally, this massage is an essential exercise in this period

Reason of need: This massage can help people with muscular diseases such as tissues sclerosis, Parkinson, apoplexy and malnutrition and get the benefit from this massage.

Caution in massage therapy

Facial massage and its incredible effect on beauty and removing the fatigue

Put facial massage as a part of your beauty and rejuvenation plans. Of course, lots of properties and benefits have been proven for facial and body massage that will be achieved by a correct massage. Because of it, we put forward some pictures that show different methods of correct facial massage in order to remove face and around the eyes wrinkles. Look at this picture without anything. The left half of the picture shows the face before massage and the right side of it demonstrates face muscles after facial massage.

Benefits of facial massage:

In summary, properties and benefits of facial massage includes:

Be careful before massage remove all make up form your skin and if your face has acne or wound, do not massage it.

Massage tutorial to relieve fatigue

Part 1: inner corner of eye, symmetrical pressure on both sides

Part 2: Only three parts: outer, middle and inner edges of eyebrows, symmetrical pressure on both eyebrows simultaneously

Part 3: Therapists directly benefit massage therapy to relieve infections, bruises and mental disorders such as depression and cheerlessness.

Through this massage you can relieve your fatigue. Massage should be done for one minute between eyebrows.

Part 4: At the half centimeter below the lower eyelid- simultaneously in both eyes

Wonderful benefits of feet massage and reflexology

Sole massage improves diseases such as blood pressure, liver discomfort and migraine and feet reflexology has great benefits for having a comfortable sleep.

Remarkable advantages and benefits of feet massage and reflexology

It includes controlling of blood pressure, strengthening nerve sensitivity, improving energy level, improving blood circulation, and helping a better sleep, recovering liver function, treatment of migraine and headache, enhancing the wound recovery, arthritis treating and beneficial for depression. Massage can help to reduce the feet inflammation. If you perform a survey from different parts of your body where you never treat them perfectly, the feet may stand on the top of the list. What caused this question? When was the last time you behaved well with your feet? Absolutely it was not recently.

What is feet massage and reflexology?

Feet massage and reflexology are methods which can keep totally the feet and your body healthy because feet experiences lots of pressure during life. Feed reflexology is very old belonged to Chinese people. They believed that some special parts of feet are connected to other organs and can help to keep them healthy.

It is believe that the sole has particular parts that can improve the body condition through their stimulation. Reflexology and feet massage are now commonly used in complementary medicine because it is so safe and most likely to be in your favor. What are some benefits of using reflexology and feet massage? You will read the answer in this section of Namnak Health.

Advantages and benefits of feet massage and reflexology:

  1. We may not make big claim that reflexology permanently treats high blood pressure but there is some evidence showing that when the reflexology is performed regularly, it can reduce your systolic blood pressure.
  2. Most likely this is because of its ability to reduce stress and to help you to relax. Cortisol is a known factor for high blood pressure so do whatever you can to reduce it and to help your blood vessels.
  3. Enhancing nerve sensitivity is one of the benefits of feet massage: it seems reflexology and feet massage is beneficial in special people who have weak nerve efficiency for example people with high blood pleasure or diabetes may experience the complication resulted from neuropathy that caused loss of sensation in some areas particularly feet and arms.
  4. This happens more in feet and can be improved with massage and directly stimulates reflex at the bottom of your legs. Also, reflexology can recover the blood flow in these areas that can restore the function of some of these nerves.
  5. The benefits of feet massage for nerves are that reflexology helps to improve the function of several other organs. Some people report that their energy level and their body’s metabolism were reduced then it was improved after the treatment. Through improving the function of many lateral organs, food processing may lead to higher proficiency and may increase as a positive result on energy.
  6. It is able to improve the blood flow throughout the body. Improved blood flow results in more effective oxygenation of cells and faster recovery after work or damage.
  7. It helps to improve the body’s function and enhance the sleep condition: they are able to affect nerve system function and it also appears to enhance the nerves transmitters which can lead to comfortable and cozy sleep. Reflexology has often sought to help in controlling insomnia and restoring the daily natural rhythm.            
  8. Improving liver function is one of the feet massage benefits: almost everything you put in your mouth should be transported by liver before entering to systematic blood circulation so it is hard for liver to tolerate with it. Liver always needs a support for desirable working. Any reduction in liver function can result in hazardous accumulation of waste which is then eliminated by the organ. Reflexology can readjust the high level of liver enzymes and ensure that the substances are metabolized effectively and keep your body safe.
  9. Incredible and perfect benefits of feet massage to improve migraine and headache: millions of people suffer from irritable headaches and migraines all over the world which often need medications; however this is not an ideal method because these medications can be followed by terrible side effects. Sole reflexology can reduce the pain resulted from migraine. It can minimize muscle tension through decreasing the effect of hormone cortisol on our blood vessels. Most of headache and migraine happen because of severe pressure or lack of enough sleep; reflexology can help you for both cases.
  10. Through increasing the wound recovery speed, reflexology can improve the blood circulation. As mentioned before, when an efficient nerve system quickly connect to an immune system and work, the need for immune specialized mediators will be improved. Of course the more efficient process, the faster recovery will be happened.
  11. Arthritis treatment by feet massage and its benefits: while lots of people recommend massage for muscle arthritis, but reflexology reduces the need for known pain mediators like prostaglandins therefore inflammatory process will be reduced.
  12. Therefore even if arthritis effects on your wrists, sole reflexology will also reduce your pain. Pain symptoms will reduce to 40% in people who regularly use reflexology and they require fewer medications.
  13. Benefits of massage for reduction of muscles pains
  14. Food massage is useful for depression: while depression is a result of disorders of neurotransmitter levels, lack of sleep, high anxiety and stress levels also cause a mode similar to depression. Sole massage and reflexology for twice a week can reduce these symptoms particularly at the time of high stress.
  15. In treatment of those postmenopausal women who don’t need to any strong drug, this method is so effective and is the only natural way for optimization of hormones and chemicals in the brain.
  16. Benefits of foot massage to recover depression and to offer happiness to life
  17. Chronic sinusitis from the benefits of feet massage
  18. While migraines are divided into posterior blood vessels under the surface of scalp, sinus closure is also created by a similar mechanism, more like that you are suffering from seasonal allergies or asthma.
  19. Breathing becomes harder and you are not able to do physical activity. Sole reflexology can help reduction of sinusitis symptom, allowing you to breathe more easily and don’t have to always use medication.
  20. for improving chronic sinusitis
  21. To treat the diseases
  22. Reducing the soles inflation. Sole can inflame for various reasons such as high blood pressure, heart failure, kidney disease and even pregnancy. Regardless of the cause, you need to find a way to remove extra fluid that is accumulated in your feet. Sole massage during pregnancy is recommended for this reason because anything that increases the blood circulation can utterly reduce the feet swelling. In addition to improving the blood circulation, reflexology increases urine and kidney function therefore body’s salt balance is optimized.
  23. Reducing PMS symptoms: many women experience PMS symptoms before their menstrual period with emotional disturbances, irritability and fatigue. While feet reflexology is not a cure for these symptoms, but it helps to prevent them, it often reduces their severity and shortens their duration.