کلینیک زیبایی ماهرخ

about us

Mahrokh clinic manager

The skin care, beauty and losing weight professional clinic of Mahrokh run by Dr. Elhm Mojri, member of the Academy of American Beauty, the Canadian Beauty and Skin Academy, and a member of the Iranian Laser Medicine Association, is the provider of the best skin care and beauty services. We have chosen a relaxing place for you beside you and have made a bridge between you and us to join us in professional beauty and skin care clinic.

Equipment and technology

Our clinic is the most complicated and prominent centers of skin care, hair, beauty, laser and losing weight in country with more than a decade experience and provide its services distinctly form other competitors. We have brought together the best modern technology of beauty and weight loss according to FDA and ministry of health and care standards and have employ some of the most experienced dermatologists to help you to get what you know as your ideal. We hope you use this opportunity to get beauty, health and also value your wishes and expectations to promote your dignity and self-confidence.

Commitment and advice

In this clinic you will reach your desired result. All our dear referrals will receive free consultation in this center and their treatment necessities will be identified through receiving the needed information and examination.

Mahrokh clinic services are as following:

  • All skin and hair services, rejuvenation, skin cleansing, peeling, microdermabrasion, hydration and hydrodermis
  • Treatment of a loosen or sagging skin and preventing early aging
  • Removing wrinkles and frown and laugh lines
  • Professional and definitive treatment of spots, freckles and skin lightening
  • Professional treatment of face and skin pimples
  • Treatment of darkness and dark circle in skin under the eyes
  • Cheek making, lifting the jaw muscles, removing double chin
  • Treatment of hair loos, regrowth of head hair and eyebrows
  • Removing unwanted hair by the most advanced Kendo lasers, 2017
  • Body contouring, diet for losing weight and obesity
  • Cryolipollis
  • Mesotherapy
  • RF for tightening  the skin and lifting of face, neck and forehead without surgery
  • PRP
  • Gel and Botox injection
  • Removal of mole and skin appendages
  • Prescribing combination creams suitable for your skin
  • Laser therapy to treat the spots and pimples

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